Nicolás Keutgen

Chief Innovation Officer of Schréder & Founder of Schréder-Hyperion.

Nicolas Keutgen began his career with Schréder in 2010, working in the Americas and Central & Eastern Europe before becoming Chief Innovation Officer in 2016. His dedication to the company goes back much further: founded over a century ago, Schréder is a family-run company and Nicolas represents the fourth generation to be involved. 

His experience of working worldwide has resulted in a passion for smart cities, sustainability and innovation. Nicolas’ involvement in various social entrepreneurship projects, makes him a believer in the transformative power of technologies helping to create safe, inclusive spaces that improve accessibility. 

In 2019, he founded Schréder Hyperion, a scale-up that has been created to accompany Schréder’s customers to plan urban spaces, repurpose existing infrastructure and develop luminaire-based digital systems that offer new services to citizens and city managers based on open and interoperable technology. As such, Schréder has joined forces with other companies  across industries in the UciFi Alliance, aiming at creating open and unified data model on IoT networks.

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